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2009 Ramanujan Prize

Researcher from CINVESTAV, Mexico, honoured

The Ramanujan Prize Selection Committee has announced that the 2009 Srinivasa Ramanujan Prize will be awarded to Ernesto Lupercio, a researcher at CINVESTAV, Instituto Politécnico Nacional, Mexico.

Lupercio is being honoured for "his outstanding contributions to algebraic topology, geometry and mathematical physics. He is an expert in the theory of orbifolds (spaces with singularities arising from finite symmetric groups). He has fundamental results on K-theory, gerbes, and Chas-Sullivan type string topology operations. The prize is also in acknowledgement of the enormous contribution that Professor Lupercio has made to mathematics in Mexico, through his energy, enthusiasm and collaborations with young researchers."

Lupercio has visited ICTP once to attend the Advanced School and Conference on Non-commutative Geometry in 2004.

The Prize has been supported by the Niels Henrik Abel Memorial Fund, with the participation of the International Mathematical Union.


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