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Satellite Navigation in Africa

Annual workshop for developing countries now in second year

Satellite Navigation in Africa

Workshop participants building robots.

Participants of ICTP's "Second Workshop on Satellite Navigation Science and Technology for Africa" are near completion of the three-week school in Trieste.

Over the course of their training, the students--who represent 18 different countries--have been taught by international experts in global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) on topics ranging from global positioning systems to navigation to robotics.

For the latter topic, participants built Lego Mindstorm robots "as a prelude to learning about autonomous navigation," said Patricia Doherty of Boston College, who co-directed the workshop with ICTP's Sandro Radicella. She explained, "Participants will take the robot kits back to their home countries and donate them to elementary and high school students."

The workshop also included sessions on space weather and ionospheric research in an effort to initiate space science research programs in African universities, and support existing groups in the field.

Global navigation satellite systems provide an enabling technology that can make major contributions to economic growth and societal betterment worldwide. "The educational program of the workshop, as in 2009, prepares a future workforce knowledgeable of GNSS that can sustain this revolutionizing science and technology in Africa," said Radicella.

For more details about the workshop, visit the course website.


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