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ICTP experts review Nigerian National Assembly IT infrastructure

High-tech Help

Clement Onime (centre) reviewing NASS technology.

Demonstrating its commitment to narrowing the digital divide, ICTP sent two of its information and communication technology experts, Clement Onime and Carlo Fonda, to review the current state of information technology at the Nigerian National Assembly (NASS).

The visit was a prelude to the “Awareness Workshop on Science and Technology for Related Committees of the National Assembly of Nigeria”, where a delegation of ICTP scientists shared their knowledge and expertise with NASS parliamentarians. Nigeria is eager to improve its science and technology capacity and has turned to ICTP for assistance.

During the five-day visit, Onime and Fonda conducted a detailed technical analysis of the NASS IT infrastructure, focussing on the local area network, the wireless network infrastructure and the internet connectivity. The visit ended with the team making recommendations to the NASS Clerk aimed at improving the quality of service, the overall capacity and the scalability of the IT infrastructure.


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