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ICTP awards diplomas to students

Forty-eight students from developing countries have completed a rigorous year-long, pre-doctoral study programme

Forty-eight students from developing countries have completed a rigorous year-long, pre-doctoral study programme to earn diplomas in physics or mathematics at the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics in Trieste, Italy.

ICTP's Diploma Programme comprises four specialised fields, reflecting core research activities of ICTP in condensed matter, earth system physics, high energy physics, and mathematics. It also includes a programme in basic physics, designed for students from sub-Saharan Africa, that provides an intense and comprehensive revision of advanced undergraduate-level physics.

ICTP Assistant Director and Head of the Diploma Programme Seifallah Randjbar-Daemi explains: “We are proud of offering a special training course to students from sub-Saharan Africa. The aim of the diploma programme in basic physics is to help students from sub-Saharan African countries to reach a level so that they are adequately prepared to embark on a postgraduate study.  A number of students who are graduating this year have been accepted in the ICTP Diploma Programme and in a joint ICTP-University of Trieste Programme.”

"Our goal is to educate students from developing countries so that they can perform well in research, teaching and independent thinking without the burden of their poor pedigree," said ICTP Director K. R. Sreenivasan, adding, "Ultimately, we want to increase the number of scientifically qualified people in poorer parts of the world, so there is enough capacity to make sensible decisions about education, research, resource management, and economic development."

Of this year's Diploma students, 28 were from Africa (14 of those from Least Developed Countries (LDCs)); 17 from Asia (4 from LDCs) and 3 were from Latin America. Nine students studied condensed matter physics, 12 studied high energy physics, 10 pursued mathematics diplomas, and 9 studied earth system physics. ICTP's programme in basic physics had a total enrolment of 8 students.

Twenty of the Diploma students have been accepted to universities in Europe and the United States and will begin their studies this autumn.


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