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From Core to Crust

ICTP sets stage for a multidisciplinary conference

Once again, ICTP is providing a platform for a multidisciplinary conference. From 20-24 July, researchers from various disciplines, including geophysics, mineral physics and fluid dynamics, will participate in an ICTP-hosted conference titled  “From Core to Crust: Towards an Integrated Vision of Earth’s Interior", to piece together their knowledge about the Earth.

Conference presentations will show how synergetic research amongst different fields can energise progress and provide a view of where Global Earth Dynamics is headed. The conference will help elucidate the dynamics of the Earth's core, mantle and crust, as well as their interactions with one another.

The multidisciplinary nature of this conference is obvious from the affiliations of the ICTP organisers: Abdelkrim Aoudia, Earth System Physics section, Joe Niemela, Applied Physics section, and Sandro Scandolo, Condensed Matter and Statistical Physics section.

For further details, visit the conference web page.


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