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Osheroff to Lecture at ICTP

Nobel Laureate will speak on superfluid helium

Douglas Osheroff, Nobel Laureate 1996, will deliver a lecture on "Superfluid 3He: The First Unconventional BCS States", at 9:30 in the ICTP Main Lecture Hall, on Tuesday, 8 January. Everybody is welcome to attend.
Osheroff's lecture is in the framework of the International Conference on Frontiers of Fundamental and Computational Physics , which is co-sponsored by ICTP and the University of Udine. The proceedings of the conference are taking place at ICTP the whole day on 8 January. About 100 participants are expected, including Nobel Laureates H. Kroto, A. Leggett and D. Osheroff.

Kroto and Leggett have already visited ICTP, while Osheroff will be here tomorrow for the first time. Leggett and Osheroff have contributed chapters in ICTP's book "One Hundred Reasons to Be a Scientist".


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