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G8-UNESCO World Forum

The G8-UNESCO World Forum on ‘Education, Research and Innovation: New Partnership for Sustainable Development’ will be held in Trieste on 10-12 May 2007. The meeting is being organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and UNESCO in collaboration with ICTP. Trieste’s other international scientific institutions, as well as the local authorities of Trieste and Regione Friuli-Venezia Giulia, are also lending their support.
The Forum builds on the discussion launched at the St. Petersburg summit on the interconnections between the three components of the triangle of knowledgeâ€”education, scientific research and technological innovationâ€”from the perspective of sustainable development, and seeks to identify risks and opportunities for industrialized countries as well as developing and low-income countries.
The discussion will be presented by speakers of the highest level from the educational, scientific and entrepreneurial worlds, drawn from G8 countries as well as developing countries.


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