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Bandwidth Management in Print

ICTP staff consultants Enrique Canessa, Carlo Fonda and Marco Zennaro are part of a team of information experts who have recently published How To Accelerate You Internet: A Practical Guide to Bandwidth Management and Optimization Using Open Source Software. The book, which includes an introduction by ICTP Director K.R. Sreenivasan, can be accessed free-of-charge on the internet. It is designed to help network specialists, especially network specialists working in the developing world, learn effective technical and management techniques for maximizing the use of the internet by, for example, reducing viruses and spam, prioritizing network traffic and providing local content caching. The book, released under a Creative Commons license, was written by the BMO Book Spring Team and sponsored by the International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications (INASP). Other organizations contributing to the effort include Aidworld and Hacker Friendly LLC. The text is available in both PDF and HTML formats at


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