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Books on Fonda and Ghirardi

Luciano Fonda: His Life and Scientific Achievements, edited by Fonda’s closest scientific collaborator, GianCarlo Ghirardi, is a warm and detailed homage to a leading theoretical physicist who died in 1998. Fonda, who played a key role in the development of the Elettra Synchrotron Light Laboratory in Trieste, was a long-time professor of physics at the University of Trieste and an ICTP consultant. The first two chapters of the book contain recollections by friends, colleagues and collaborators; subsequent chapters consist of many of Fonda’s most important papers in the fields of elementary particles, resonance reactions, symmetries, and synchrotron radiation, with comments from his colleagues.
Quantum Mechanics, edited by Angelo Bassi, Detlef DÃ¼rr, Tullio Weber and Angelo Zanghi, is a collection of talks and discussions given in September 2005 on the occasion of GianCarlo Ghirardi’s 70th birthday. Consecutive meetings were organized in his honour: one at ICTP (Are There Quantum Jumps?) and another in Losinj, Croatia (On the Present Status of Quantum Mechanics). GianCarlo Ghirardi, professor of quantum mechanics at the University of Trieste and head of ICTP’s Associate and Federation Scheme, is an internationally renowned scientist, particularly in the field of the conceptual foundations of quantum mechanics.


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