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ICTP, in partnership with Immaginario Scientifico, has organised a public lecture series, "Frontiers," to celebrate the Centre's 40th anniversary. The first three lectures in the series took place in March, April and May before large audiences at the Kastler Lecture Hall in the Adriatico Guesthouse. Alvaro de Rújula, CERN (European Laboratory for Nuclear Research, Geneva, Switzerland) spoke on the Big Bang and the evolution of the universe. Paolo de Bernardis, University of Rome La Sapienza, lectured on the BOOMERanG balloon experiment that he and his colleagues have conducted in Antarctica over the past few years. Gigi Rolandi, also from CERN, discussed the development and construction of the new accelerator Large Hadron Collider (LHC), which will hunt the Higgs boson or the "God particle." Following a summer break, ICTP's public lectures will resume in September. For additional information, contact


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