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Danko Bosanac, a scientist at the Rudjer Boskovic Institute in Zagreb, Croatia, became the first recipient of an article sent electronically through the newly launched eJournals Delivery Service (eJDS), a project cosponsored by the ICTP/TWAS (Third World Academy of Sciences) Donations Programme in cooperation with Academic Press, the American Physical Society, and World Scientific Publishing Co. A prepublication version of the article, "Quantum AntiCentrifical Force," Physics Review A 65 (February 2002) was displayed on Bosanac's desktop monitor at 15:30 on 18 January. eJournals Delivery Service, which is designed to provide cost-free, timely access to scientific literature to scientists from the developing world, especially from the least developed countries, was launched in November 2001. For additional information, contact eJDS, ICTP/TWAS Donations Programme; fax: + 39 040 2240 633; or browse the website at


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