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Soo-Jong Rey, researcher at the Centre for Theoretical Physics of Seoul National University in Korea and recipient of the 2001 ICTP Prize in honour of Hans Bethe in the field of high energy physics, lectured on "Holographic View of Noncommutative Baryon" at the ICTP Prize award ceremony, which took place in the Centre's Main Lecture Hall on 21 March. Soo-Jong Rey has authored more than 90 papers in the field of string theory, cosmology and particle physics. Among his most noteworthy contributions are the discovery of string solitons and instantons, which have played a crucial role in enhancing scientific understanding of the non-perturbative dynamics of string theory. Such insights culminated in the discovery of various dualities in string theory in the mid-1990s. More recently, Soo-Jong Rey's research has examined the matrix theory formulation of the heterotic string.


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