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Jogesh Pati, professor of physics at the University of Maryland in College Park, USA, received the 2000 Dirac Medal during a ceremony held on 21 June in the ICTP Main Lecture Hall. Pati, a long-time collaborator of ICTP's founding director Abdus Salam, was awarded the medal for his "pioneering contributions to the quest for a unified theory of quarks and leptons and of the strong, weak, and electromagnetic interactions." The other Dirac Medallists 2000 who are sharing the prize with Pati-Howard Georgi, professor of physics at Harvard University, Cambridge, USA, and Helen Quinn, staff scientist in theoretical physics, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, Menlo Park, USA-will be honoured on 3 July at an official ceremony in the Main Lecture Hall beginning at 10 a.m. The Dirac Lectures coincide with the ICTP Summer School in Particle Physics, which began on 18 June and will continue until 6 July.

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