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A research article in Nature co-authored by Franco Molteni, the newest member of ICTP's Physics of Weather and Climate Group, was the focal point of a full-length news article in the International Herald Tribune, written by veteran New York Times science writer William K. Stevens. Stevens writes that the research findings of Molteni and his colleagues suggest that global warming's potential impact may not result in new patterns of atmospheric circulation; instead, global warming may change the frequency with which existing circulation regimes occur. Stevens concludes that such findings could "have enormous long-term implications for weather around the world." The Nature article, which Molteni co-authored with Susanna Corti, of CINECA (Interuniversity Computing Centre of Northeast Italy), and Timothy N. Palmer, of the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts in the United Kingdom, was published in Nature on 29 April 1999. Steven's news article appeared in the International Herald Tribune on 24 May.

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