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Last month, the work of ICTP staff and visitors was again featured in a number of publications. Scientific Computing World offered its readers a profile of the Centre's Physics of Weather and Climate Group, based on an interview with group head Filippo Giorgi. Physics Today printed an article on "security and arms control" issues in India and Pakistan in the aftermath of last year's nuclear tests in both countries. The article drew on the opinions of seven ICTP lecturers and former Associates. CERN Courier included two articles related to the Centre: a research article, written by ICTP Staff Scientist Alexei Smirnov and post-doc Amol Dighe, focusing on discussions at the Centre's Workshop on the Physics of Relic Neutrinos held last fall, and a news article citing the creation of a National Centre for Physics at Quaid-i-Azam University in Islamabad, Pakistan, which will be led by ICTP Honorary Associate Riazuddin. A full-page article in The Sunday Times examined the surprising success of Brian Greene's monograph, The Elegant Universe, an examination of string theory that is the most widely discussed science book since the publication of Stephen Hawking's A Brief History of Time. Greene visited the Centre last month as a lecturer in the Spring Workshop on Superstrings and Related Matters. Finally, the "Science Section" of Corriere della Sera included a feature article on teleportation spurred by discussions that took place at ICTP's Third Adriatico Research Conference on Quantum Interferometry. The article included observations by Francesco De Martini, Anton Zeilinger and GianCarlo Ghirardi.

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