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At the end of September, 26 students in mathematics, condensed matter and high-energy physics graduated from ICTP's Diploma Course. Most of the graduates, who received the equivalent of a Master degree, will now continue their studies in other countries. Here are some of the places that the students came from: Algeria, Benin, Ethiopia, Madagascar, Senegal, Syria and Viet Nam. Here are some places they will be going to: Syracuse University, Texas A&M University, University of Georgia in the United States and Kaiserslautern University in Germany. Of all the graduating Diploma students, Mosab Rbah Nasser of Gaza may be making the greatest leap of all--geographically speaking. Raised on the parched desert of the Middle East, he's heading for the frosty tundra that surrounds the Auroral Observatory at the University of Tromsø, Norway, which is located above the Arctic Circle. At the same time that the ICTP wishes a fond farewell to its 1998 Diploma class, it is welcoming a new group of students. On 1 October, 32 Diploma students from around the world start their studies in Trieste.

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