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Last month, 50 kindergarten children from Trieste, ages five and six, visited the Centre. They came here not only to see the facilities but to thank ICTP staff members for the computers that the Centre, through its Microprocessor Laboratory, had donated to their school. The youngsters, accompanied by their teachers, walked through the Main Building, stopped at the library and then spent about an hour at the Microprocessor Laboratory where they were treated to super-slow images created by the Laboratory's new video camera. The camera reduces motion to such slow speeds that they could see an insect's wings flap during flight. In May, the Centre also welcomed about dozen students from the University of Trieste who are members of the Italian chapter of the International Student Movement of the United Nations. The students, who plan to pursue careers as international civil servants, came to the Centre to learn more about the functioning of international scientific institutions and to discuss the major issues surrounding the advancement of science and technology in the developing world.

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