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Nature recently spoke to ICTP's Director Miguel Virasoro concerning the potential impact that India and Pakistan's decisions to test nuclear devices could have on their scientists' access to the Centre. The Director said that some restrictions could be imposed by international organizations but he thought it would be "unlikely that India and Pakistan would be completely isolated." He noted that the majority of ICTP's programmes are "simply basic research" focusing, for example, on high-energy and condensed matter physics, "not nuclear physics." Virasoro said, however, that if the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) decides to impose restrictions on Indian and Pakistani scientists, the Centre "will...follow that policy." In a subsequent editorial, Nature expressed hope that India's and Pakistan's decision to join the "nuclear club" would not completely close the door to communication among their scientists. The journal noted that ICTP was one place where such exchanges could continue to take place.

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